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Content Producer & Production Assistant

ESPNU, Studio Content Producer
- Attend daily meetings with production team to cultivate content ideas for live broadcasts
- Served as Graphics Producer for football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse for SportscenterU
- Work with editors to create high-end video productions used across multi-network broadcasts for shows like Sportscenter, College Gameday, College Football Daily, College Basketball Live, etc.

ESPN Regional Television, Remote Event Coordinator & Production Assistant
- Lead basketball Production Assistant in charge of all high-end weekly productions
- Managed logistics of requested elements to producers and associate directors based on
individual game needs (includes edited elements, high-end teases, flashback features, etc.)
- Responsible for exchange and reproduction of over 4000 melts in a single basketball season,
coordinating logistics of content exchange between media networks (i.e. NBC, Fox, etc.)

ESPNU/ESPN Regional Television, Project Production Assistant
- Organized and maintained inventory of remote event production closet
- Traveled to location to assist in production of the 2011 McDonald’s All-American game
- Served as Associate Director in Tape Room for the 2011 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament

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