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Assistant General Manager & Marketing Director

Marketing Director who served as Club Interim GM.  Event creation, new menu implementation, and making a regional splash on local news are just a few of the additions to the club's repertoire I was able to put into place.


-Manage Marketing Budget & Oversee Execution of Events, Promotions, and Club Bookings
-Operate All Marketing Channels Used by Club: Google AdWords Express, MailChimp, Google Analytics, WordPress (Website), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Jobs, YouTube, Print Media, Graphic Design, Video Production including On-Sight Producer & Post-Production Non-Linear Editing
-Work as Liaison with GolfNow Account Managers & Website Developers to create engaging content and drive SEO through processing analytics on a daily & weekly basis to drive user loyalty
-Create Marketing & Club Initiatives for 2018 & 2019 including growth in Conference & Tournament Sales with an emphasis on lodging offers & packages
-Travel to and from Meetings to Grow Business in Coordination with Company Initiatives (Local & State Tourism & Business Development) to Network and Promote
-Produce All Graphic & Video Content for Club Communications, Promotions, and Notifications
-Introduced & Designed New Menu Concept
-Oversee Scheduling of Manager Meetings
-Handled Accounts Payable for Club Vendors for 2 Months - Trained Assistant to Use Program to increase workflow and company productivity
-Approve and Audit Bi-Weekly Payroll/Serve as HR Personnel on-sight for KemperSports Corporate & Direct Appropriate Club Communications to Staff of approx. 35 Employees

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