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Key Largo Sound


Golf Concierge & Executive Assistant

From booking tee times, tournaments & conference groups to member relations, I touch all aspects of Golf Operations at Ocean Reef.  I reported directly to the Director of Golf and assisted him in all daily tasks, as well as handled bookings for member groups & tournaments.  I coordinated with our communications team to make sure members know of the latest news in the Golf Operations department.  For our VIP clients, I served as a trip adviser, helping them reach the best possible outcome for their vacations, from their golf outings to their dinner reservations in Key Largo, and everything in between.  At the end of the day, it's just another day in paradise...

Before my husband and I found out we were expecting and had to subsequently move away from the Key Largo area, I accepted a position within Ocean Reef Club to directly assist the Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage, Giovanni Melis, and his team of executives. I handled schedules, publications, office management all while practicing the utmost discretion, as many topics of conversation I was privy to were of a confidential nature. I truly enjoyed getting to know each and every manager's and employees' names within the different outlets.  This transition exposed an entirely new side of the club, where I went from serving members to serving the club executives and fellow employees.

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