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Marketing & Media Manager


Currently working on a full-scale website re-design. 

-Produced 70+ Customized Marketing Videos for Signature Golf Clients & Promotions at Trade Shows & PGA Meetings
-Managed Social Media Accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook) while Full-Time Employee
-Work Directly with PGA Golf Professionals to Create Customized Golf Vacations for their Club Members, Leaving No Detail to Chance
-Edit & Produce Graphic Design Content for Trip Proposals Daily under the direction of the Senior VP of Sales
-Build CRM (ZOHO) Database with Clients, Trips, Vendors, Email Communications including Mapping Integrations from Forms to the Database, Building Modules, Designing Layouts on both Front End & Back End, and Report Generation
-Formstack Creation for Client Information Gathering including use of Encryption Databases & Forms
-Engage Customers at Meetings & Shows to Drive Business & Create Leads; Follow Up with Leads to Generate Sales

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