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4 Tactics To Implement When Developing Digital Media Strategy

The free channel of social media has bridged a gap to consumers that businesses have longed to cover for decades. This uninhibited access to your clientele--- and the digital footprint that they create for you as a marketer--- is the key to capitalizing on your efforts.

For the use of describing how this can be applied to every-day scenarios, I will use the launch of a new social membership program at a local country club as an example.

1 - Create a way to gauge your business through a landing page.

Analytics are key to assessing how your content is being consumed by your client, what actions are being taken, and whether or not the campaign content is resonating with your target demographic. For this example, I would create a landing page for the country club that only contains information about the new social membership. Through analytics, I will be able to track any and all traffic to, on, and from the page, which will help give me an idea of how to proceed.

2 - Increase targeted traffic to sites by generating new links & word-of-mouth by enabling "send to friend" and social sharing; base your offers off your consumer conversation.

Now that your landing page is created, I would determine which social channels I would use for my campaign. This country club has a large email database, a large Facebook following, as well as decent google traffic. I would launch several campaigns from each of these mediums, all with links created to drive traffic to the landing page where clients can sign up for the membership. With every share, click, or action taken, you'll be able to determine the success of your campaign and its' content.

3 - Generate review by customers/consumers by pitching bloggers and influencers & offering samples or trial experiences.

Once your initial idea of creating a social membership is created, the next thing to do is find influencers who will be loyal to your purpose, product or cause. Socialites, Insta-stars, Bloggers, and Writers are all key in determining trends and what their followers want to do next. Finding someone who can experience your club-- and then write about it to their massive trove of followers-- is the best endorsement out there.

4 - Assess. And then, reassess.

There is no absolute when it comes to marketing. What resonates with one person might be total hieroglyphics to another. You'll have to determine your KPIs early, establish micro goals, and monitor them to make sure you campaigns are engaging. The ability to adapt and apply will be the success in any social media campaign. Relationship with the content is paramount -- if consumers don't connect, don't expect them to buy!

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